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Welcome to the Artic Winter Wonderland Hile 2022!


Hile 2022 is a regional scout and guide camp taking place on 14th – 18th of April 2022 in Sarriojärvi, Kemijärvi, Finland. The campsite is situated deep in the Lapland wilderness north of the Arctic Circle. We expect approximately 1 800 participants from three scout districts in Finland as well as international scouts and guides! 

Hile 2022 is a winter camp with a guarantee of at least one meter of snow! The activities include sleeping in a stove-heated winter tents, learning new winter survival skills, and enjoying all the way the Finnish winter at its best. The camp’s theme is Winter camp of Stories

The camp was originally supposed to be held in 2021, but was postponed because of COVID situation. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask:


Registration times: 

  • Early bird: 1st Dec 2021 – 10th Jan 2022 
  • Normal registration 11th Jan 2022 – 31st Jan 2022 

Camp fee is 120€ per participant if you register in the early bird phase between 1st December 2021 and 10th January 2022, and 135€ per participant if you register 11th Jan 2022 – 31st Jan 2022.  Camp fee includes the camp, food at the camp and program. Optionally, your group can purchase additional travel package. The travel package price is still being set, but it is going to be 35€ per participant. This optional travel package contents are explained more thoroughly in the travelling section. Invoicing of camp fee and possible travel package is done after the registration has ended. Your whole group will be invoiced on one invoice. 

The camp is open for any gender. The camp has set the minimum age limit for international guests to 15 years old. This is to both ensure that the camp experience is not too rough, especially if the participants are not familiar with winter camping, but also on the other hand having decent English communication skills will boost the camp experience quite a bit when chatting with the Finnish hosts. There is no maximum age limit at the camp. 

All minors (under 18) should be accompanied with 1:10 ratio of adults, meaning at least 1 adult per 10 minors. 

No size limitation has been set for the groups but if the group gets over 10 people, we might need to split your group to ensure the host resourcing. At the camp our international guests will be accommodated with the Finnish hosts, each local group in its own subcamp. 

The registration itself will be a group registration where we need your group leader to fill in information about your group and its members. Group leader is obligated to enter correct information and must have permission to enroll all the members of the group. Certain detailed information, such as birth dates are required. All personal information will be stored and handled according to the EU GDPR legislation. 


After the registration ends on 31st of January 2022, we will add your group leader and all the members to who we have email addresses to our mailing lists for further information. Group leader should make sure that the pre-camp information reaches all group members. The international team will allocate and connect your group with the Finnish host local group whom with your group will be spending the camp itself. 

The camp organization will provide material in English about the camp itself, winter camping and some pre-assignments we hope you can familiarize yourself and also take part in the before-camp activities. 


Download our pre-camp activities from the link below. Instructions on how to perform those activities can be found in the file.


For travel documents, please refer to Additionally, Finnish Government keeps site about the COVID situation related matters. Currently entering Finland is possible as long as traveller can present a proof of full covid vaccination course. 

Best route to our camp is an international flight to Helsinki and then a domestic 1-hour flight to city of Rovaniemi. Currently Finnair and Norwegian are operating on that route. You can also take a train to Rovaniemi or Kemijärvi from most of the cities in Finland and for example from Helsinki Airport it is quite convenient. The train ride takes 8-13 hours depending on which train you pick. We recommend the overnight train with sleeping cabins due to the length of the journey. For train information, check Unfortunately, train company VR doesn’t accept foreign student cards in the trains.  

Book your flights and/or train tickets as soon as possible! As the camp is being held during Easter holiday season, both flights and trains will be likely sold out and can have higher prices closer to the end-sale.  

Optionally for a small fee, we offer our international guests an effortless means to get from Rovaniemi to the camp and back. The travel package can be booked during registration or also separately until the end of February. Camp also offers transportation from Kemijärvi railway station to the campsite (~20km). We will update the contents of this method more in detail in the future. 

The travel package will cost approximately 35€ per participant and includes:  

  • Pickup on a scheduled basis from Rovaniemi railway station and Rovaniemi Airport in the morning of April 14th.
  • 1,5 hours visit at the Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle. 
  • A bus ride to the campsite in Sarriojärvi, Kemijärvi and back from the camp on 18th of April afternoon to Rovaniemi railway station or Rovaniemi airport based on your preferences. 

Please note that the travel package does not include food. The bus will depart and arrive back based on a schedule which means that unfortunately we cannot support special arrival or departure times. In this case we recommend not to purchase the travel package, but rather contact your Finnish hosts once assigned. 

It is also possible to travel to Sarriojärvi campsite using your own means, likely a rental car, but because of Easter holiday season we recommend to take the travel package. Naturally you can discuss this topic with your hosts once we have connected you. 

In Finland many people speak good English and travelling, shopping, etc. is easy. The country is very safe and you rarely need to worry about safety matters, not even in the night time. In taxi travel we want to highlight that the prices are not regulated and one company might offer a significantly better deal than another. All in all, taxies are expensive in Finland. 

Naturally we do our best to help you with any travelling related questions. 


The approximate schedule is (updated in October 2021): 

  • 14th April 2022: Arrival to Finland, departure to the campsite from Rovaniemi Railway station or Rovaniemi airport if you have chosen the additional travel package. 
  • 14th to 18th April 2022: Camp. More information about the program will be provided later. The camp program will be in Finnish. We aim to translate program in to English as much as we can. 
  • 18th April 2022: End of the camp. Packing the camp together with your hosts. Camp organized bus ride back to Rovaniemi (if chosen) or own departure method. 

Detailed lists of personal equipment needed during the camp will be sent early before the camp.  

The camp program is designed mainly to the scouts and guides aged between 10-18. For international guests, however, there is a minimum age limit of 15. Due to the adventurous theme and winter conditions, we bet also older scouts will still find it fun and interesting. There is also going to be some organized program for the participants aged 18-22 but currently we do not have any other information on this besides some IST tasks will be available. Scouts aged 18 or more will also have a very important role on service and taking care of the younger campers during Hile. We will connect you with the local group that shall host you well in advance the camp so you can discuss your role and the activities directly with them. 

Our International guests will be accompanied by local scout groups within the camp, so you will only need to bring your personal camping equipment for the Nordic winter to the camp. You will share the stove-heated tents with local scouts. In April the temperature is usually something between 0… -10C during daytime. Nights can be colder though, and even the tents are wood-stove heated, a proper winter sleeping bag and good insulated mattress, or even two, is necessary. During our previous event the night time temperature went as low as –20C, but it’s unlikely. 

Also, the weather sometimes changes quickly: it can be sunny, but it can also be rainy or snowy. Your clothes may get wet in the snowy activities so you might want to change them even during the day. It’s important to have separate set of dry clothes for the night to stay warm in your sleeping bag. Wet clothes are dried during the night in the warm tents. Your local host scouts will help you with this.  

The camp program is being planned, but we will have several winter activities coming up. Previous camps have contained activities such as snowshoeing, building things out of snow, common events and of course some more traditional scouting activities like orienteering, environmental themes, cultural events etc. The theme of the camp program is ”Winter camp of Stories” and daily program happens in 3 different program valleys which are Handicraft, Experience and Scout Education. 


After the camp, and if you have chosen the travel package, we drop you off to Rovaniemi Railway station or Rovaniemi Airport. The Railway station is in the city centre so if you wish to stay in Finland you can continue your journey from there very easily. If your departure is not on the 18th of April, you will need to book a hotel or other accommodation on your own. 

Whether you need to have a sleepover or two… Or more ! outside the camp dates in Finland, you can ask your hosts if they can arrange you a place to stay. We encourage to this and checking Finland out on your own, although camp itself will not arrange a home hospitality program or outside camp activities. 

If you need a hotel, regular booking sites such as or Trivago have most of the Finnish hotels to offer. 


In the unlikely event of the COVID situation preventing the camp to be held also in 2022 your registration will be cancelled and any invoiced fees will be refunded. Unfortunately, any other costs, like plane tickets cannot be compensated. Also, it is good to understand that camp fees will not be refunded if for some reason you cannot enter Finland. Travel insurance and checking the cancellation polices carefully is recommended.  

The COVID situation is closely monitored by the camp board and current recommendations and restrictions applied by The Guides and Scouts of Finland and Finnish government are followed. The current Governmental restrictions, including travel restrictions, can be found here:


Please do not hesitate to contact us at ! 

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